1. 19:33 18th Sep 2014

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    Respecting a survivor’s sense of self is really the biggest thing- and as always, Support and Affirm Worth.

    I hope you guys are having a fabulous Wednesday, and as always, take care of yourselves <3

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tell em usagi


    tell em usagi

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  4. why am i taking maths. what is wrong with me

  5. 3. i want to learn the trumpet 

  6. two things:

    1. my computer is trying to tell me i spelt “have” wrong

    2. i just had to watch a fifteen minute video of extended techniques for double bass that ended with this guy basically spitting on and kissing his bass very aggressively 

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    thug life? more like hug life. come here

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  9. i fucking hate when i make a decision not to hand something in for my own sake (eg something worth like 2% that takes ~five hours because i’m sick with the flu and have five billion other assignments to do idk FOR EXAMPLE) and then four weeks later the lecturer is like ‘where is it’ and i say ‘i didn’t do it because i was sick, just give me a zero’ and the lecturer says ‘um no please do it. by tomorrow please’ unaware of the fucking huge mountain of work that i have to do and severely depleted energy levels and ill health. just idk as an example. 

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    i need ferguson to go down in history books. i need school children in the year 2074 to learn about michael brown being shot on august 9th, 2014 by officer darren wilson. i need this to spark a movement. this can not lose the focus of society a mere month after it happened. 

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