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    Hey guys, did you know that “till the end of the line” is actually a reference to the last stop of a train?

    Hey guys, guess who got off too early—



  2. i don’t want to write about harmonics and fundamentals and overtones haven’t we been over this. fundamental octave fifth fourth third third third second who gives a crap

  3. i wanna see newsies sooooooo bad the dancing is so fucking quality omg 

  4. missinglinc:

    relationship status: slept with laundry I was too lazy to fold

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  5. not even halfway through second week of semester and i think i already have to do an all nighter tonight

  6. epic-lee:

    this guy knows whats up

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    "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law"

    "How come millipedes have so many legs but can’t even move very fast"

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  8. did you know you can’t buy butter at dairies. how fucked up is that. 

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    children of the barricade

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